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Later that night Peter, Pooh and his friends soon met Baron Burr who told our heroes that Peter’s power will end by sun rise meaning that Peter will no longer communicate with the animals.

So They must seek Thistle who knows why the Cactus King .

Pooh, Ash, Mickey, Tai, Thomas, Simba and their friends were soon locked up ready to be slice and diced, but was soon rescue by J.

Edgar, While Buddy rescue Peter from the Mushrooms.

Once created a potion, Thistle, , Pooh and the others explained that the villains is going to release a spine roller at sunrise and Peter told the animals that his Power will come to an end at dawn.

Peter manages to get the magic into the sky breaking the clouds away so the sun can dry away the floods.

Our heroes celebrates their victory, But Emperor Spine still has tricks on his sleeve and now was the time to call on the Bower Family.

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