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The Egyptian deposit is a vast storehouse of images, magical practices, spiritual intentions and .

It constitutes a broad cultural pattern (stretching over three millenia), which has been a source of wisdom and inspiration for all Mediterranean spiritual traditions, in particular Judaism and Christianity (Islam was influenced via Despite contemporary egyptology, a precise historical reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian rituals is impossible. Even an educated reconstruction would contain many "blanks", crippling the dynamics of the ritual.

In all Egyptian religious rituals, magic is a functional element, ascribed to specific priestly functions and magical instruments (cf.

the "Ur Hekau", a name for both a priest and a magical weapon to circulate the Sa).

Hence, a reconstruction of Egyptian ritual "as such" is unthinkable, for although there are overall patterns, there is no "theoretical" model.

We may reconstruct Heliopolitan or Osirian ritual, but never Egyptian ritualism as a whole.

Many representations are ritual high points frozen in space : foundation rituals, libation, censing, opening the mouth, food offerings, offering of Maat, execration, worship of the deity, to name the most common.

Simply put : the ritualist acts and the intention happens.the oracle) and considering their effect in the great plan of things. However, contrary to theatre, an audience and an applause are absent.Nobody doubts Egyptian religion was highly ritualistic, involving daily ceremonial activities (complex rituals celebrating the Divine) and regular, popular festivals, or public celebrations, with a pre-determined periodicity (daily, quaterly, monthly, yearly, etc.) cast in a religious calendar, based on stellar (stars), astral (planets), seasonal (Sun and Sothic cycle), monthly (the 4 quaters of the Moon) and daily phenomena (decans and Earth-rotation).But even if these Egyptian initiation rituals were historical, they differed from was Hellenized).Under the Ptolemies, the original, native context had been lost for over eight centuries (namely at the beginning of the Third Intermediate Period, ca.

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