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The Equinoctial or Tropical Year is the time that the Earth takes to revolve around the Sun from one Spring Equinox to another.

This is approximately 365.24219 mean solar days, or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and just over 45 seconds.

In the Old Style this was March 25th and was changed to January 1st (New Style) in England in 1752 when changing from the Julian to Gregorian calendar.

The Roman AUC calendar was enforced (with capital punishment for non-compliance) throughout the powerful Roman Empire of the time.

Of course, at the time of Jesus' life, years were not called BC and AD; Roman AUC years were used.

It was not until 532 AD that the Pope, with significant influence, replaced Julian AUC years with Julian AD years.

Italy was the first to use it in 1582, while Greece introduced it in 1923!

This calendar corrects accumulated inaccuracies with the Julian calendar by having slightly less leap years.

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The calendar has an interesting history, and has been shaped by both political ideals and a quest for greater accuracy.

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