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Sweetie: 5/5 – One of the cutest games you’ll ever play.Concept: 10/10 This is fast becoming one of my favorite mobile games because of the wide variety of things to do from dressing up yourself, or one of several boys.The basics of gameplay begin in “Story Mode” – here each “level” will present a new dressup challenge.You’re given hints at each level as to what to wear to pass to the next stage.But Gameplay doesn’t stop in story mode, it’s only beginning.From the main menu you have many different options, from cooking sweets, to tailoring or upgrading your own clothes, to dating, to playing various daily minigames to earn free items.But if you haven’t heard, Skinship is a concept common in many Japanese dating games, in which as your affection grows between you and the characters, you can “try your luck” at “petting” them in different parts of their body, stomach, arms, hair, face, lips, ear, etc.But if you are too bold or too forward, the affection will decrease, but if you are “petting” appropriately, it helps you bond with the character and thus, your affection will increase. You could play this game for hours a day, or devote as little as 20 minutes a day to collect your login bonus and free items for the day. Story: 7/10 – I think the story is cute, and SURPRISINGLY the translation is NOT terrible – I say surprisingly because if you look at their googleplay or itunes app store page…. They must have outsourced the game’s translation or hired an editor though because there is little beyond minor typos which you see in almost all games with heavy text.

You can work part time to earn in game currency, or study different subjects to boost your stats which helps unlock new event scenes, jobs, or even new guys to meet.Anime anthromorphic Branching Plot Casual Game Collectibles Costumes Dating Sim Decisions Matter Dressup Games Fantasy Fashion Featured Free Game furries Game Review Handheld or Portable Gaming In Game Events Ipad & Iphone Kawaii Cute Kawaii Review Life Sim Multiple Endings Mystery Otome Game Review RPG Shoujo Shoujo Simulation Slice of Life Videogame Visual Novel I just discovered, Romantic Diary, an anime Otome Dating Sim which is part Dressup Game, part Visual Novel, part Cooking Game, and has an extensive crafting system.At the core, this game looks quite similar to Hello Nikki! However, it seems to have more robust features, and a heavier emphasis on story telling and dating elements.A young man casts a spell on her so that she may understand the native language of the world, and another young man begins helping her collect emblems as she begins life in the new world a “transfer student” in a magical school.You learn that by helping others with their problems or concerns, you can extract magic shards from them which are causing their anxiety (and also which are valuable in this new world.) The events in the story focus on helping others and learning about why you’ve been summoned to the strange magic world.

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It’s also a “Stat-Raising” game similar to Princess Maker (which I reviewed here) or Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side (which I reviewed here).

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