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Tip: Defining a border on only one side of a div is a great way to create dividing lines between columns or other elements.Use margin and padding settings to define the space between borders.5 CREATE ID STYLES FOR DIVS As you insert div tags in Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4, you have the option of defining styles at the same time.Although written for Dreamweaver 8, her advice holds true in CS3 and CS4.2 STUDY CODE IN OLD DESIGN FIRST Before redesigning an old webpage, use Code or Split views in Dreamweaver to study the code.Use div tags to create boxes for all your content, and then create CSS styles that define the size, alignment, margins, padding, and borders of those boxes.Instead of merging and splitting cells to create designs using tables, you can create styles that align columns to the left or right of a page and precisely define margin and padding space on any or all sides of each div.I like to create a style for each div tag as I create them, but usually define the styles later.

For more on creating tables, see Laurie Brown’s “Creating Accessible Tables for Data Using Dreamweaver 8” (

The font tag is best replaced with standard HTML tags and CSS.

For example, you could use heading tags and then create a CSS tag style to change the font, color, and size.3 USE DIV TAGS AND CSS IN PLACE OF TABLES Think of HTML div tags as the building blocks of good CSS layouts.

This is a multi-page web template, containing sample pages.

Expression Web and Dreamweaver versions contain Dynamic Web Template (.dwt) pages for each page layout design.

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