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I have always considered my wife to be as good as gold.

When she decided too adopt a dog from an animal shelter, I was sure I am married to an angel. We spent about fifteen minutes locked together like that on her bed before he pulled out of me and the flood of dog’s cum came out also.

My right hand slowly left my breast and moved down and my pussy. They went over to the couch sitting down next to each other rubbing each others clit softly moaning. Sam looked at the huge dog, “he is very handsome isn’t he”, she said stroking him.“Why don’t you take off your panties, let him lick you a little, you’ll see what I mean”. I had to smile at the thought of it as I got ready. It was a terrific place, especially for a bachelor. The woman is incredibly attractive and the dog lives up to his name as a “great” dog.

That was when the dog showed up and went over to her friend and started to lick her pussy. That was when someone off camera said Oh what’s this another dog? The dog started to lap at her pussy seeming to enjoy the taste of it. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for couldn’t, someone might see me2, said Sam wanting to take them off but not wanting to appear too keen.“There’s no one here, I’ll take mine off as well, as a matter of fact why don’t we both strip off naked”“Oh my god don’t stop”, shouted Sam as dog licked her cunt with his long tongue, “I’m going to cum Sherene, fucking hell a dog’s making me cum”, she shouted holding Hugo’s head between her legs as dog licked her cum up. It was Spanish in décor, with the entrance coming in by the kitchen, which was on the right. Besides a small portion of fuzzy camera work in the middle, which hardly distracted from the excitment of the video, this is a very enjoyably ‘knotty’ film, well worth watching!!

First, she lets them smell her between her legs so that they can see that she’s not a threat and that she’s in heat.

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I kep watching more then the camera turned to two other girls kissing. Now Sam’s eyes were like saucers, “no way, you actually sucked a dogs cock, no way”, said Sam shaking her head. Our lunch arrived and we ate more quickly than we normally would have, but we had a big afternoon ahead. “And I would love to spend the night with you,” I returned. The best part would have to be watching the dogs huge knott grow larger and larger as he tries to mate his bitch.

The guy holding the camera said look and Jessica and Rachael over ther making out. It was…it was my sister and her best friend kissing each other. The video picked back up after the party had ended. I throughly enjoyed watching them kissing and I knew they were going to do more. I was getting myself worked up not just watching them but thinking back to to day before when I was hiding in the closet watching my sister as she fucked the dog. My sister slowly took her friends skirt off as she sucked on her neck. Sherene rose and came back with Hugo the great Dane, “meet Hugo, Sandy’s dog and my lover occasionally”. “I’ve never been to your condo, Randall, is it nice? Two levels, with a bedroom and a loft overlook upstairs and another bedroom below with the living room. We stopped at my place and I quickly gathered what I needed for an overnight. But now I was going to spend the night at his place, and I would soon have a dog inside me. We arrived at Randall’s condo well before Willard was due and he showed me around. The woman moans in extasy while the dog attempts to stuff his huge knott in her tight pussy.

With no shade of shyness this whore strips and offers her dick hole to her dog who gladly licks it and sniffs the wet vagina before hammering it with a hard wild boner!

The bitch is totally pleased with the size of her dog’s wang and accepts it in all possible positions and holes including her stinky back door.

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