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They just had to wheel in customers and live up to a certain quota.Which led to internal competition that eventually did more harm than good.” During his career, this poses to be his primary concern.He sits there solemnly and peacefully with his arms crossed across his chest as we approach him.The young gent agrees to have a chat with me while my partner blends in with the geometrically intriguing scenery, ready to document our first story with his camera.An external CEO who has done their homework and collected information from their personnel would be another option.Even an employee who started at the bottom and had no formal degree could be perfect for the job. Portraying random life stories to which we can relate is our objective. We want to record stories from everyday people that do their laundry in laundromats scattered across town.

For the better part of his life, this man has roamed the streets of Antwerp.

Michael, a bloke in his early thirties, has lived in Antwerp for nearly his entire life.

Presently he resides in the heart of Antwerp and visits this laundromat once every two weeks, simply because it is the one located nearest to where he lives.

Michael claims that “a good manager is someone who knows his company from top to bottom.

This could mean that the manager obtained a master degree and solely started the company.

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Walking in we notice that there is only one person present, sitting comfortably on a chair, waiting for one of the machines to work its magic.

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