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He has been in seven celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. It’s Motown week, so we are dancing to Martha Reeves, she’s actually going to be performing while we dance.Much like Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis before them, the couple’s fans have yearned to see them get together beyond the dance floor.Now, Derek Hough is talking about these internet-fueled dating rumors.Joined by friends and family, the siblings—who wore festive turkey hats—performed a choreographed dance routine to Sheppard's "Geronimo." Derek posted the first video to his Instagram account and wrote, "#thanksgivingdancewars has begun!!! He invited many more people to join in #Dance Wars, writing, "This is war part 1... Julianne accepted Maria's challenge and choreographed a chair dance. It's time to step it up @mariamenounos WE CAN DO THIS IN OUR SLEEP," she wrote.What really happens during family prayer."The second video, which Derek and Julianne both published, featured crazy camera work! Maria Menounos responded by performing Taylor Swift 's "Shake It Off" with her friends and family. Where you at @derekhough @juleshough @witneycarson @therealalfonsoribeiro @bethanynoelm @janelparrish @iamvalc @mariamenounos @erinandrews @legitsadierob @bosshogswife @duckdynastyae @young_and_beardless #Thanksgiving Dance Wars #Dance Wars #Dance Battle #Team Quack Attack #Quack Pack #Duck Dynasty." In the second video caption, he wrote, " This is war part2 ... "Big shout out to all the families posting videos...

Keep refreshing this article for continual updates on #Dance Wars!

An October report from indicated that the 19-year-old Mota and her 29-year-old dance partner may be falling for each other. I was watching the package for the first time and I’m seeing her cry and get emotional, so I walked over and gave her a hug.” After the trip, Derek Hough also had plenty of praise for the influence that Bethany Mota has with her fans.

The report came after Bethany Mota tweeted a picture of Derek carrying her luggage as the pair prepared for a trip to Australia together. Look how sweet @derekhough is carrying my luggage #Team MOTOUGH is back!!! Derek also had great things to say about Mota in his blog for , during a week in which he swapped partners and hit the floor with Sadie Robertson. “I went to Sydney and I saw the impact of what she makes on all these young girls, they call themselves the Mota-vators,” he said.

He has become a not very well known celebrity after penning Beyonce‘s top hit If I Were a Boy.

Still, it is actually quite weird that both couples looked like they were having great time, but Derek Hough is still hiding who the mystery lady is.

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Christmas is the time when everyone wants to find their other half and just snuggle with them for a bit. A new Derek Hough girlfriend was holding to his armrest when they were in double date with another couple: Mark Ballas and his blond friend.

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