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They’ve set up profiles using pictures of young teens, and posted personal information like age, sex and location.Some of the profiles are on social networking Web sites like My Space and Teenspot.According to a police reporter, a witness told officers that she saw the man stand near a parked van, pulls his shorts down, and place his genitals in the front grill of the van.The witness said the man did this for a while then appeared to pass out in a nearby yard, so she called police.Nestled among the corn fields and cow pastures, Dateline found a large house just the right size for our crew and specialty cameras.

We got such an overwhelming response from our last investigation— some 15,000 emails from parents, grandparents, teachers and law enforcement— telling us to "keep up the good work," and "keep the issue alive." On Wednesday night, April 26, Dateline is back with the fourth undercover investigation. Even far from the big cities and suburbs, vulnerable young teens are not far from danger.When a potential predator sees her, it should be very clear that this could be an underage girl he’s talking dirty to, not an adult.It’s a parade of potential predators, this time, in the heartland of America.So while the Perverted-Justice decoys troll chat rooms, our crews set up 11 hidden cameras—seven outside covering all angles of the driveway, side, and back of the house and four cameras on the inside. When she says she’s worried she’ll get pregnant he says “I am fixed.” He drives 104 miles, more than two hours, to meet the young teen home along. After deputies read Alonzo his rights, he is taken in for questioning, photographed, finger printed and put behind bars.Detective Mike Burns of the Darke County Sheriff’s department says he contacted Perverted-Justice about doing a sting operation because he was looking for a way to combat Internet predators in his area. Mike Burns, Darke County Sheriff's department: It was just a miracle from heaven as far as meeting our needs because we are just struggling so badly to get things going that here it is. The detective and his men conduct their stakeout from the house across the street and in the mobile home behind the undercover house.

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When officers reportedly arrived they found the man walking around wearing black gym shorts and shoes.

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