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That same year he landed his most famous role to date, Simon Camden, in the WB hit 7th Heaven.

Angels in the Endzone and Ri¢hie Ri¢h's Christmas Wish were barely enough to show off his talents and most of his acting depth is shown off on the television series, which covers such serious issues as drugs, abuse and suicide.

While in college, he broke the family edict of not having sex before marriage by having sex before he was married.

He nodded when asked if the two hooked up and was even getting into fights over her—what a guy!

But apparently, he was not father material for Fox.

In another episode, Simon makes the whole family believe he can turn invisible.

He also helps Ruthie to learn "The Star Spangled Banner," without much success.

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At the resolution of that show, the Camdens still got to keep her. It was a rough transition for sensitive Simon into high school even though his older sister Lucy helped him meet new people.

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