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There is so little to do in one of these apartments that unless you turn your room into a bitcoin mining outpost, it’s difficult to see how you could ever run up much of a utility bill.Also, the fact that you can live right where the action is(and likely close to work) means you’ll be using less gas and may not even need to drive an automobile at all. Minimalist Lifestyle One might think of the idea of being cramped in a tiny apartment as being a stressful thought in and of itself.Micro apartments allow you to sacrifice space for affordability, privacy and the chance to live in a small compartment in the best part of town. From low-flow shower heads to compact fluorescent light bulbs, these were built for green living.The small area also requires less energy to heat, cool or light.

when I look around at all the junk I’ve accumulated over the years cluttered about, it stressed me out.Living and working in an upward-trending economy is most certainly a positive thing, although it can seem like a real obstacle when it comes to hiring.When there are more and more jobs, fewer and fewer people are actively looking, and those who are looking and infinitely hire-able know that they have their choice of companies to work for.Life is one’s head is complicated and heavy enough without having a ton of crap in the physical world to weigh you down(and yes I realize that thoughts themselves are technically a physical manifestation, but you know what I mean.) I have fantasies about chucking all my material possessions and going back to basics. The Views Believe it or not, many of these micro apartments come equipped with breathtaking views.At one time I lived for 2 years in a small studio apartment armed with nothing but a cot from Target to sleep on and a Super Nintendo for recreational activity. Micro apartments allow for this kind of minimalist lifestyle. The units are often situated in modernist mini high-rise buildings.

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