Datingsoftware biz null was brody dating avril during the hills

I never knew creating an online dating service could be so easy.

It seems like every where there are these small internet dating sites popping up all over the internet and I guess they make pretty good money.

This fraudster (aka Michael Pennington and probably many other names) is now calling himself Michael Allen and doing business as as well as using My Allen as his company name. I am a former victim of his and I know there are many more of you out there.

I hope we will all catch up to him one day soon and get some justice for what he has done.

Here is the email conversation I just had with him after I followed some breadcrumbs and discovered him again: ME: Could you also please ask your boss, Michael Allen, if he knows the whereabouts of Michael Pennington. I know Michael very well and if you're referring to all those BS postings on the Internet then you can believe that they're all fake.

I'm sure he will be interested to hear that someone is looking for him. ME: There are several victims of his past scams who would love to know where to find him. If there was a scam then he would have been arrested.

The support from Michael has been unreal, VERY pleased with his patience with me.ME: Classic, like any victim of yours is the one who needs to be worried about being "reachable." So is this another one of your pathetic threats? So you can see he is still trying to lie his way through everything and feels like nobody will be able to catch him.You could have taken the high road for once, but I guess that's not an option for you. For now, it looks like you will have to suffer the consequences of your deceit. Good luck to all of you former victims, I hope we can get this scammer.Sure it pulls a bit of data from WP but that's extremely minimal.It's hack code that runs inside of tables upon tables. Go spend a few hundred elsewhere to have something custom.

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