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Who’d have thought dating could seem so much like, well, hard work? No love is more special than the love between a parent and child and walking away from that is something that I can’t get my head around at all.

Now, the obvious point to highlight from the off is that I can only speak for myself; if Brad Pitt or, errrrrrr, Harry Styles somehow found themselves on Tinder or Plenty of Fish, chances are it might not be much of a chore. I met around 8 or 9 people for dates, and there were others that I was talking with that could have lead to dates but didn’t for one reason or the other. Seems Candi Staton knew what she was talking about: Who knows what the future holds?

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One of the most rewarding tasks for a man is to be a father.

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But, for this 40 something from Middlesbrough, it ain’t easy I can tell you. In the first flush of single life entering the brave new world of online dating (well, new to someone that has been in a relationship for 19 years anyway) the overriding sense was one of excitement and possibility. Being single has its plus points but ultimately I know what I want.

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