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But his Twitter and Instagram feeds have been deleted.

No one was talking about Rodgers being gay any more. Yet it is clear to me that Rodgers feels a need to remind us all over and over about his heterosexual bona fides, as the Sports Illustrated story shows.

Once Rodgers declared he was not gay, there was nothing left to be said.

Lanflisi posted some snarky tweets at Rodgers following Packer losses in the 2014 season, especially after the NFC Championship Game collapse in Seattle this January.

In addition, Lanflisi was a prolific tweeter, posting photos of himself wearing Rodgers' Super Bowl ring and tweeting excitedly from awards shows he attended with the quarterback.

Something happened in late 2013 that caused a fracture in their relationship.

Lanflisi's tweets about Rodgers were bitter and accused him of being selfish, among other things.

And that they try to have as much sex as possible but not on game days?

The Sports Illustrated story was to me a calculated attempt to present a public version of Rodgers very much controlled by him.

He asked the writer to not contact Munn or his family members and the writer complied.

Yet they don't get that this is what straight male athletes do all the time when they parade their girlfriend or wife on the public stage, be it on the ESPY's red carpet or kissing on the field or court after a big win.

It's "normal," yet it's the same thing they accuse gay athletes of doing -- they are advertising their heterosexuality, however subconsciously.

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In denying the rumors, I wish Rodgers had said something to the effect of "I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that," but he didn't.

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