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Homo erectus's skull was smaller and thicker than that of modern human beings.It lived in the mouth of caves near streams or other water supplies. Geneticists have proved that there was no inter-breeding between modern human immigrants to Southeast Asia and Homo erectus, The Neolithic or "New" Stone Age was a period in the development of human technology that is traditionally the last part of the Stone Age.The earliest hominids, known as Homo erectus and recognisable as human, appear in the archaeological record between 1,000,000-500,000 years ago. About 1,000,000 years ago, Homo erectus moved to Asia from Africa, where it had originated.Its use and control of fire was an important tool in its hunter-gatherer means of subsistence.The bronze objects include ornaments, spearheads, axes and adzes, hooks, blades, and little bells.The Iron Age was the stage in the development of people in which tools and weapons whose main ingredient was iron were prominent.

In Ban Chiang, bronze artefacts have been discovered dating to 2100 BCE.Note: Thai language has its own script with 44 consonant letters, 15 vowel symbols that combine into at least 28 vowel forms, four tone diacritics, and an own set of numerals.There are many systems for transcribing Thai into the Roman alphabet.Lang Kamnan Cave is an archaeological site in Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province, and is on a limestone upland, facing northeast and 110 m above sea level. By analysing the faunal remains in the cave, the cave is believed to be one of the many temporary camps of the seasonally mobile hunter-gatherers.It was occupied from Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene.) is an archaeological site in Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province, western Thailand. Since World War II, many stone tools have been found in the caves and along the rivers in this region.

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