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People come in all personality types, and while some may seem more “suited” for stepfamily life, it’s a myth.

We can all learn how to relate to each other in more constructive, healthier ways regardless of our personalities or perceived weaknesses.

For those with kids under 13 that drops to 27%, and for those with teenagers, it drops again to 9%.

Meanwhile, just 7% of those with adult children would be prepared have more kids.

Salama explains ''as this study reveals, the majority of individuals are open to the idea of meeting single parents.

Now, I’m a fan of his advice and he has a lot of great things to say. Because in essence, you are not only dating your love interest, you are courting the kids and trying to not make waves with the ex, who let’s face it – is not going to be your biggest fan. It is the glue that will hold the familial relationship together, whether you like to believe it or not.

But I have to admit, reading this article was upsetting to me as a stepmom of almost six years, for many reasons. Because you will have challenges with blending your families.

There is one main area where those with grown-up children and those with younger kids differ, and that's in their desire to have more children with their new partner.

61% of singles with children under 5 would like more kids in their new relationship.

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