Dating someone whos been arrested

There is another reason he doesn’t want to return to the White House, Halper told me this week. ‘Michelle Obama can’t do anything, she can’t go anywhere, even for brunch, without it being reported,’ says Halper.

Energiser’s appeal doesn’t end with her personality.

Like Miss Mc Mahon, the women who have reportedly captured Clinton’s wandering eye in recent years are a far more moneyed bunch than previous liaisons such as Lewinsky and model Gennifer Flowers.

It’s a reflection of the rarefied circles in which the international statesman and philanthropist now moves.

Game Change revealed how, within days of moving to their home in Chappaqua in 2001, Clinton could be found at the local upmarket deli, ‘chatting up the stay-at-home mothers who trundled in after yoga, startling his aides that he already knew all the women by name’.

People close to Mr and Mrs Clinton say they have led largely separate lives ever since he left office as president.

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