Dating someone who was previously engaged

If I were you then I would probably acknowledge the 4 year relationship as soon as the first date but you do not need to tell him that you were engaged and cheated on until there is some bond and trust between you. If he said he was engaged for a few months, I think I'd have a different reaction than if he said for 2 years. Maybe I'm being hard on myself, but I think this would scare someone off from me thinking I'm damaged goods or something. People ask about a person's dating past when dating now? I mean it's almost like me telling someone that I almost had this great orgasm once. It's pretty evident that you haven't gotten to a point where you can say, "Look, my former wasn't for me. He's already gotten married and expecting a child, and I know without a doubt I wouldn't want to be in her shoes now. This sounds to me like "OVER ANALYZE" something we tend to do so often....Truth it, an engagement that never lead to marriage is just an intention that was never met. I'm over it and ready to move forward." That means you stop worrying about what people may or may not think of your past, but it also means that you no longer dwell on it. I think you should be yourself and mention when the time feels right, just be natural about it, and let him think whatever he needs to think.... One can never make conclusions, since every situation is different. I haven't dated since her and not looking but if I ever do I wouldn't bring it up until I feel maybe I'm in a relationship that might be going some where.“They were cozy in a booth together at the party,” an eyewitness tells Us of the singer and NFL pro.Nine days later, Ciara, who was previously engaged to rapper Future, took in a Seattle Mariners game with Wilson.Actions as it is dependent upon the dating who was ability of others to enjoy.

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I don't think you should bring it up until at least the 2nd or 3rd date. Why would you think you were not good enough for some other guy to stay with him, as you say? I guess if a guy told me he was engaged before I would wonder why he isn't married/ what happened. As an important and formative part of your life, it'll probably just arise naturally once you know someone well enough to start getting mutually very personal. So, I agree with Too Shadows, tell him when you want; if he asks about your past, tell him what you feel comfortable sharing at that point. If someone cheats, it has NOTHING to do with how good YOU are. I know I am hard on myself for it, and actually I didn't find out about the cheating until after he had left me high and dry. I am direct and honest and tell them I lived with a guy for 2 yrs and was engaged to him.

And by "bring it up" I mean tell him in detail about being engaged when he asks you about your dating past..because he probably WILL ask you. My mind would just automatically go to the worst thing about him, which is what I figure would happen to me if I said that. Most of the people I hear getting engaged actually go through with the wedding around here. I don't really see it as anything important to share. You can't change your pasts and it really doesn't matter what the other person(s) thought of you or how much they loved you. Even we divorcees find lots of people who do not judge us for a marriage that ended.~OP~ Are you sure dating at this point in time is a good idea? He came back wanting to get back together, but he wasn't willing to put forth any effort and I knew we were done then. I say if they ask if you were married , tell them about your enagement and cohabiting because honesty is the best policy.

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