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“These terms are new to many people outside of LGBTQ communities,” said Genny Beemyn, director of the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.Beemyn also told me that the “tremendous ignorance” about gender identity creates a space for “scare tactics and lies,” resulting in acts of violence and a plethora of anti-trans legislation, such as the bathroom laws in Houston, Mississippi and North Carolina.There is such a vocabulary that should be available to these individuals who could benefit a lot from it.” For Park, a change in public perception — and acceptance — can’t come soon enough.

But, offering those options was clearly an afterthought, considering that OKCupid has been around since 2004.(Munir uses gender-neutral pronouns, as do the others quoted in this column.) The audience applauded Munir for self-identifying as non-binary (sometimes referred to as genderqueer or gender-nonconforming).But others are likely to be confused by, some perhaps afraid of, what they don’t understand.Frankly, I was afraid I’d mess up — mostly my pronouns, but also the distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity.Park reminded me of the adage that “sexual orientation is who you go to bed with; gender identity is who you go to bed as.” Park uses “queer,” meaning “not heterosexual,” for their sexual orientation, and “genderqueer” for their gender identity.

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