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He’s super-funny, he’s an extremely sweet and generous guy, and he’s a wonderful collaborator, which is my favourite thing about him. And we’re both more mature, so I don’t think either of us would be completely comfortable dating somebody who was super-young, although I do think maybe it would be nice for Gigi—we’ll see where this relationship goes with Flash, but—to maybe dabble in dating somebody young, a little bit longer term.

They’ll be like, “That was the best thing we’ve ever heard.” And I’m like, “I bet.” What sort of music did you listen to growing up? When I was a kid, I loved the Spice Girls; when I got older, I listened to the radio, and I loved Pink and Avril Lavigne and all that.

So most of the time, if we have the time to do it, I do sing live for the audience.

The biggest difference is that [for TV] the audience is still just extras so, no matter what I do on stage, they’ll think it’s better than anything they’ve ever seen.

Yeah, looking at interviews, I was like, “Wow, everybody so much.” They think it’s so perverse, but it’s really not—and also, it’s acting.

[laughs] Everyone’s like, what’s that like for you? [The comments are] also ageist and sexist too, I think everybody forgets that. I never really saw myself as a pop star, selling out arenas that way, living that type of a life. But I am envious of people who can play medium-sized clubs in an intimate, cool situation where you get to do shows from time to time, and develop a following, a cult group of people. It’s hard for me to impress myself, so once I do, once I have a body of work that I’m really comfortable with, I’ll put it out, and I’ll double as a musician apart from my acting career. If it was really my own, if I was an artist, I wouldn’t want to use my name.

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And I have that whole story line with Davvy [played by Rebecca Naomi Jones], which I love, and it’s very sweet, and that’s the saving grace of the whole thing when I watch it with my parents, because otherwise it could’ve been something very gratuitous and hypersexual.

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