Dating single dad daughter

There is no hiding, and it was precisely this loss of privacy that I struggled with at first. There was always a 3-year-old scrutinizing it and asking endless questions about womanhood. My adolescent vanity didn’t matter anymore, and it was pretty liberating to let go of.

Inspired by my rapidly changing form, she would ask, "Why are your boobs massive and dark? I’d find her dressed in my tights and heels, pretending to read one of my books, reeking of my perfume.

I spent all my spare time with the two of them and quickly developed a sense of comfort within this new role.

People would often presume I was her mother when we were out, and we all behaved as though I was.

Within a few hours, I’d given birth to a screaming boy in the dining room. She had no fear or doubt about her brother, just total love and ease.

This was a turning point for all of us; our family was united.

" She has chosen me as her mother, but she can just as easily make the choice that I am not her mother.

I hope that this fear of rejection doesn’t govern how I raise her too much.

I want to treat her and her brother equally, but I don’t think that’s completely possible all the time.

After six months, we all moved to a new area to start again, as a family.

Amelia’s biological mother was rarely in touch, and although she missed her, Daniel provided an incredible all-encompassing level of support.

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