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Ultrasound has been used successfully for over 40 years and to date has no proven known risks.As technology continually improves, the Baby Scan Clinic is committed to bringing you the most state-of-the- art ultrasound scans. For more information see Fetal Medicine Foundation & BMUS Baby Scan Clinic is committed to ensure your scan is being carried out safely.It is particularly reassuring for women who have suffered a previous miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.An early pregnancy scan will: You can have an early pregnancy scan any time from 5 weeks to 11 weeks and 1 day into your pregnancy.Baby Scan Clinic is a founding member of the Sonographer Society, the professional body for ultrasound technicians.We are committed to clinical excellence and improving ultrasound standards in the UK.Your early pregnancy scan at the Baby Scan Clinic will be carried out by friendly and experienced sonographers in a relaxing and non-clinical environment.

A medical report will be available immediately after your appointment.There are many reasons to book an early pregnancy scan.Perhaps you don't want to wait for the usual 12 week scan.If clear and accurate measurements cannot be obtained, an internal transvaginal probe may be used.Your sonographer can explain this to you in more detail if necessary.

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The early pregnancy scan is the first pregnancy scan that you can have and is not routinely available on the NHS.

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