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Mark told her he had to leave for South Africa for work, so the romance continued for months through phone calls, text messages and loving emails.“It just took off. I've got to hand it him, he sure writes some romantic letters.

The life he described would all be theirs, if they could just get those few final obstacles out of the way…Dating fraud is becoming more sophisticated, more successful – and more devastating to its victims.

That’s how powerful it is.’Scam Survivors also works to make life as difficult as possible for fraudsters, baiting them, wasting their time, closing their bank accounts and killing their fake social networking profiles.

But Wayne May admits it’s a drop in the ocean.'The fact that they can afford to do that shows how many others they have on the go.

She’s sharing her story hoping to shut her ex-boyfriend down and alert others.“I never thought it was possible, but dear lord, you can! She was contacted by a woman who said her boss would like to meet her.

Martin met Mark in person at an Overland Park Starbucks, and the pair hit it off.

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Martin says he was loving, attentive and talked about a future together, but then he ran into tax and medical problems.

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