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He has also hung out with Kris, 60, Tyga, 26, as well as with sister Kendall Jenner, 20."Scott and Tyga are friends and even though Kylie and Tyga aren't together right now that's not going to impact their friendship," a source had told E!

These guys who are victims in this video were not trying to have any part with” Jessica”, at all, lol.

I like Tinder and I also love Plenty of Fish (aka POF), however, I couldn't do this experiment on Tinder because you have to connect it to a Facebook account. So I've been watching a lot of social experiments on Tinder, POF, and stuff like that and I really enjoyed them, so I thought I would do an experiment of my own and this experiment shown me that 98% of Guys really think about SEX while online dating and the other 2 % also think the same because they replied my message so if I conclude overall online dating experiment is almost 100% replied the same and that is “YES”.

So this was today’s online dating experiment video while I asked 100 men for sex, on POF...maybe Tinder may be next preference sometime I will shoot that video, too.

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" Kourtney asked."I set you up for a dating profile," Kylie said."What? What's happeneing...these are the photos you picked?

Several months ago, he dated Swedish model Lina Sandberg. News the reality star is not pursing a relationship with her and is "focused on the kids and getting himself together."Scott later began hanging out with another model, Christine Burke, 20.Hey guys / gals once again, this time with a new real online dating experiment was just shocked me to know really how many men are really thinking of SEX.This was just an unbelievable online dating experiment for me to carry out when I asked 100 guys “Do you want to have sex with me" at the same moment I get a response from all of the guys. These guys surprised me with their replies you can watch my reaction in the video and I can imagine the reaction from those guys too. Online dating can be so tricky, and full of surprises!When they pushed him away after he continuously tries to keep their connection thing alive was a classical move. I would probably hold his hand and skip up and down the street and then fake kidnap “Jessica” and pull off. Many people don’t take play very well and their reaction to pranks are negative and sometimes violent. I watched this video numerous times and it continues to get funnier.It’s safe to say, that the guy hosting this prank got lucky that neither one of these victims physically attacked him.

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The fact that this guy came up with this trick was daring, but yet funny only because he pulled it off successfully.

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