Dating people of different religions

Yes, a bat mitzvah (or "bar mitzvah" if you’re a guy) is the Jewish equivalent of a .

I had a party with family and friends, wore an obnoxiously pink dress, and danced gracelessly to Fall Out Boy for the entirety of the night.

I’m mostly just a matzo ball soup lover with an affinity for rugelach and my grandmother’s brisket.

Even so, my Jewish identity still remains a crucial part of who I am.

And if I know one thing for sure, it’s that I had never before taken the time to think about and discuss religion on such a deep level.

Before we met, I hadn’t really thought about it at all.

And with an increasing number of millennials considering themselves atheists, it’s not surprising to find that a strong commitment to faith is now a rarity.

At my liberal-arts school in Southern California (formerly affiliated with a church), there’s a wide mix of what faith means, ranging from people who feel music is the closest thing to God and people who can’t go a day without thanking their deity on social media, all valid in their own definitions.

He openly told me about his faith in Christianity, as my knowledge of the topic was lacking.He’s openly admitted, with a sense of concern, that my confident rejection of certain ideas has caused him to question his own.His blatantly stating how he has always wanted to end up with someone of his own religious beliefs has at times left me feeling disappointed and upset.So when it came to dating, religious affiliation had never even crossed my mind as a factor to consider.I had either only been with people who identified similarly, or who identified as nothing at all.

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  1. Men intrinsically mistrust women because religions, especially Judeo-Christianity, portray women as untrustworthy, e.g. If a woman is easy prey, men instinctively think she will be easy prey for other men.