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During his five-year stint in the Senate, Estrada served as chairman of the Committee on Rural Development and Committee on Cultural Communities, as well as the vice chair of the Committee on Health and Committee on Natural Resources and Ecology. Estrada’s 1998 presidential campaign was centered on this same law-and-order platform.

Despite accusations of electoral fraud, Estrada won the presidency by a landslide, leaving his closest competitor, Jose de Venecia, in the dust.

Joseph Estrada was born on April 19, 1937, in Manila, Philippines. In 2001 he was arrested and imprisoned for six years.

Over the course of his prolific film career, he has acted the lead role in more than 80 films and produced over 70. He ran for re-election in 2010, but lost to Benigno Aquino III. When Joseph was still very young, his family moved to San Juan, which has since become a part of metropolitan Manila.

The last time I was there, in the old Senate building, we were only Twelve — Twelve against a superpower; Twelve against a government under its thumb: Twelve against public opinion: But twelve for the sovereignty and honor of our country. Maybe I felt strongly about getting all the wrong priorities out of the way so we can focus on the right things at once. I must work with them and they must live with me, because every Filipino is needed to meet the challenge of national survival in the regional crisis. We must put yesterday behind us, so we can work for a brighter tomorrow. Finally, I felt that the common people have waited long enough for their turn, for their day to come. The last time I was there, in the old Senate building, we were only Twelve – Twelve against a superpower. And it comes not a moment too soon on the centennial of the birth of Filipino freedom.

Maybe I felt that we cannot wait for time to heal our wounds and that we should help along the healing process. I have been hurt, and my mother even more deeply at having to listen to all those insults against her son in tri-media. One hundred years after Kawit, 50 years after independence, 12 years after Edsa, and 7 years after the rejection of foreign bases, it is now the turn of the masses to experience liberation.

We stand in the shadow of those who fought to make us free—free from foreign domination, free from domestic tyranny, free from superpower dictation, free from economic backwardness.

We acknowledge a debt of gratitude to Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel Quezon, Ramon Magsaysay, Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, and the magnificent twelve of the 1991 senate who voted for Filipino sovereignty and honor. Why must economic progress always be at the people’s expense?

Ask yourselves then, how could anyone call me a dictatorial type? I must work with those who hurt me because we have only one country between us. But I hope we will not let the past get in the way of a future that calls for cooperation to achieve peace and prosperity. But twelve for the sovereignty and honor of our country.

Must we always measure progress only by the golf courses of the rich?

I hope this message will not be taken badly by the rich.

His parents strongly opposed to the decision and forbade him to use the family name.

Instead, the fledgling actor took the screen name Joseph Estrada, “Estrada” being the Spanish word for “street.” He also gave himself the nickname “Erap,” a Spanish term for “pal” spelled backward.

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He served as mayor for 17 years, during which time he focused largely on education and health care reform.

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