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So stop stressing and pick a flick from this comprehensive list of great date movies, or feel free to tag me on social media to make a suggestion. If only we could erase the memories of partners past - what kind of trouble could we get into?

Check Amazon rating » thing differently in the course of your day. Think of a techno, hard hitting, much more angry/sexy version of "Its a Wonderful Life," and you'll get it - kind of.If you are anything like me, dinner and a movie dates are the catchalls for when you don't have time for anything else, or haven't the inclination to come up with a creative date idea.Which for most people isn't a problem -- until you have to come up with a date movie that both of you will enjoy.Just watch it with your date and some popcorn, and be prepared to buy the catchy soundtrack when you're finished.Check Amazon rating » Will Ferrell stars in a semi-serious role about a perfectionist accountant for the IRS, whose attention to detail extends to such minutiae as how many tiles line the bathroom walls and how many steps it takes to cross the street.

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