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Mostly he appreciates the position that the girls have been elevated to, one carrying with it ‘full powers’, as he calls it.

‘If the girls really get into playing the game, then it is quite fun and nice, because the roles are reversed,’ he continues.

‘Of course' he adds, his longest relationships have been with girls that he has met IRL (in real life).

That little ‘of course’ is a nod to nights out at bars, office couplings or dating mutual friends.'In a way it’s almost more respectful than how it usually plays out in real life or in a club'Maxime is a former 'Adopt' user who says he found love on the website.

Ultimately the secret behind ‘Adopt’ is its staying true to the strange idea of the rapport between sexes, leaving it to the men to come up with the evening’s plans, and making women mistresses of the table.

After all the laurels that such a site rests on are those little white lies that make your life seem more more appealing and thus seductive.It’s a place for the girls to exercise their own power of seduction.It’s a chance for the boys to ‘stamp themselves up all first class’, as Maxime says.He thus finds that the portal has its merits and doesn’t take the language that targets a younger, more urban and relaxed audiences seriously.He is not embarrassed by the fact that it might reduce him to being an object, he says.

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