Dating leads to marriage

However, not all dating sites give you the best relationship results.

In a discovery that will surely disappoint people who hope to find their husband or wife while battling a virtual overlord, the study found that marriages that started in online virtual worlds (like World of Warcraft) were among the least likely to succeed.

Actually, according to a recent study, people looking to find “The One” should turn to a place you might least expect — online.

Of 19,131 couples who met online and got married, only around 7% were either separated or divorced (the overall U. Cacioppo, director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at The University of Chicago and one of the study’s authors.For more information, please review Instant Checkmate Terms of Use.The late film critic Roger Ebert once gave this advice to those looking for love: “Never marry someone who doesn’t love the movies you love.Only half of divorces occur in the first eight years.” (Cacioppo agrees that further research on the outcome of longer-term marriage is needed.) The results, nevertheless, give hope to e Harmony’s founder and CEO Neil Clark Warren, who says it’s his mission to reduce the divorce rate from 50% to single digits.“It’s not that it’s too easy to get divorced,” Warren says.

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