Dating is a waste of time

When I think about all the money I have wasted on dates lately that led to nothing I would call, quality time, it feels like a total waste of time!

I love women, I just don't like trashy, vulgar, classless, scandalous women and I am not settling for garbage.

Each loss in our life is meant to bring us into a closer relationship with ourselves and where we need to mature, grow, love ourselves and become more confident.

As we take each relationship for what it is, we will see that the learning to come from each is invaluable as a mirror to learning about ourselves.

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We learn that we do not do anyone any favors by allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of.

We learn what our limits are and we act upon those limits by asserting ourselves when we have been hurt. Whenever a relationship ends we experience its loss.

Five Reasons Why No Relationship is a Waste of Time: 1) The wrong relationship prepares us for the right one.There is nothing more valuable than going into a relationship and learning how our patterns contributed to its demise. When we are in a relationship we can either gain self-respect or lose it depending upon how we allow ourselves to be treated.Relationships are the best places to learn where and how we need to respect ourselves.Unfortunately, it seems like there are very few women out there who are not aiming for the dumpster, keep getting more tattoos, it makes you women look so classy!Are there really no classy women out there, or are they just not looking at you?

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  1. Rda Ti udlm spolenost na celou na Tv zavoln Seznmit se... Hledme mezi sebe spolehliv, pohledn kamardky ve vku 18-30 let, kter maj zjem vydlvat 5000 K-15 000 K kad den. Pro vcvik, slubu, i na stlo, v mm dom, pjmu subinku, sub pr, sub manele, dt nevad, (ne mui). Najdu zde svoj Pretty Women, thlou,vysokou, vk do dvacetipti, kter peml i hlavou, ne jen spodn st tla? Me pomoci i sv kmoce:)) Za to nic ned:-) thl, star, zkuen dominant hled finann subku, ubku sluku, otrokyni.