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If checks are shown - and this is a matter of choice the amounts should be covered, although this will work a hardship The ladies who enjoy comparing who gives what and how much.

Information should be typed on a regulation wedding form supplied by photographer, or available by phoning The News wedding editor at ST 6-7111, Ext. But the romantic approach - that slower, measured way to emotional attachment - is less apparent. If you don't make up your mind about someone today, you may never see her again tomorrow." "Romance is dead." pop singer Bobby Vinton said flatly. Now they're nice but extraneous." Actress Jayne Mansfield.

Various anecdotes confirm, however, that daters of yesteryear suffered from the same problem online daters do now -- the goods often failed to match the bill, as a 1984 article wryly relates: "No doubt about it.

There are people on the network who are plain crazy," says Pam Dunn, alias Zebra3, of New York City.

Singles apartment complexes began to spring up (starting in California and moving east, natch.) It seems the first such singles enclaves were the South Bay Club in Torrance (every one of its 248 apartment units were rented before construction was even completed), the 130-unit Friday Apartments in North Torrance, the 200-unit Friday Sylmar in Sylmar and the 143-unit Friday U. When the reception is held in a public place, gifts may be shown to friends in the home a few days prior to the wedding day.

In any event, displays are always at the home, never in a public reception hall. In limited space, show gifts from close relatives and friends.

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