Dating health problems

For example, I wrote in another thread that I don't like a guy who abuses his health with alcohol and drugs and becomes unfit as a result.

I have no desire to play nurse to someone who willfully disregards their own wellbeing.

There is a statemant" judge not that yea be judged"!

(sorry to be blunt) You didn't say what your illness was.

Through online dating, social networking, and group events, Healthdate serves as an online and offline community to connect health conscious people with friends, training partners, healthy eating supporters, and fulfilling relationships.

Whether you are single, married or in a relationship, Healthdate will connect you with like-minded people who enjoy fitness, healthy eating and the wellness lifestyle.

I don't feel like going into details but i'm not disabled or handicapped, and as far as I know none of it will not be passed on to my kids.

I may never be able to do all the things that a 100% healthy person does, but I have always been a highly motivated individual and have made amazing efforts to succeed in life despite this.

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For me it would depend on what the health issue was.

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