Dating gemini man

He thinks too much, and feels too little, which has some consequences in many aspects of his life.Dynamic and exciting he's easily bored, and favors variety in all things.Nothing is straightforward to him, and he may often get so buried in details that he can't see the big picture.

As with other highly intellectual signs the price paid for his mental firepower is a relative lack of emotion and a very low tolerance for boredom.Gemini, the twins, probably one of the most recognized signs.You probably are not a twin, but people who know you will attest to the fact that at times you seem like 2 different people. Your dual personality can bring both good and bad things for you in love. advice astrology attract attraction blind boyfriend characteristics commitment communication compatible conversation date dating disaster first girlfriend halloween holidays horoscopes ideas internet language love match meeting men mistakes online passion perfect pickup rants relationships review romance seduction signs single sites social test tips understand women zodiac WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better.He is very friendly and communicative by nature, and this can sometimes be seen as flirtatious.Gemini's are amongst the intellectuals of the zodiac, known for their cleverness, curiosity and excellent communication.

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