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All pictures can be found here: Strat/I'd be grateful if you could help me ID this guitar and answer some relatively specific questions. Here's the facts:3-ply pick-guard and locking tuners non original Color according to seller Olympic white NO serial number anywhere (neck, neck pocket etc)Truss-rod alignment via an Allen screw at the butt end of the neck, not a Phillips head type screw Thick vibrato-block, 2 springs only: Strat/? It appears to be an LE1 (Limited Edition) with the nib sanded off and maybe refinished.action=view¤t=CIMG0621Tiny (low ) frets And these kind of pick-ups: Strat/? I've never seen an LE1 without the little nib but this is Fernandes.The rare old Fender copies are extremely detailed, though no longer in production, can still be found in the vintage market.These vintage copies were commonly known as the “Revival” series. However, because there are no official history on these companies, they are written to the best of our knowledge and experience.The brand Burny was birth later by Fernandes as the division that made Gibson replicas.

The pickups have a very low output and the bridge pickup sounds way out of balance with the others (too shrill, sorry, my ears insisted on this word... Are other people also experiencing the bridge - pick-up as replacement-worthy? The guts look identical to mine which I bought new in '84.

(Actually, all early versions of the decals - LIMITED EDITION, THE FUNCTION and THE REVIVAL all starts under the A).

All the ones (the few) I've seen of this have blank neck plates.

I'm not a big fan of the Strat bridge pickup on its own on any strat. I find when they are properly adjusted they are one of my favorite Strat pickups period, very '60's sounding. The dimensions of the vibrato-cavity are different on both guitars. Regards, Tobias Tobias, Fernandes is famous for being inconsistent. Just remember to play with the pickup heights and you'll find nirvana. I can tell your a player and when I go from jumbo frets to vintage, I just use a softer grip. Chris Thanks again Chris, It's good to know that variation in materials and appearance is normal for Fernandes guitars. I messed with the height of the bridge PU a bit, but found out I already had set everything pretty much to my liking (all pickups relatively low). It appears to be an LE1 (Limited Edition) with the nib sanded off and maybe refinished.

They are vintage size frets with a 7.25 radiused neck. I just was playing one of my guitars with Jumbo frets and then grabed the Strat. Both have the same vibrato-block which is thicker than the Fernandes ones I've seen on the net. I'll indeed play with pick-up-height a bit, see what results that yields. Regards, Tobias Toby, I'm from the school of lowering the pickups and keeping them about 1/8" above the pickguard on the bass side and a little higher on the treble side. Mine actually has a serial number on the neck plate. I also know that I bought it new in early '84 and it was in the store for a while. The combination of the bridge and middle PU works nicely, just the bridge PU on its own has too little bass and too much treble. I've never seen an LE1 without the little nib but this is Fernandes.

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Likewise, the Musician's Edition Series of signature models is listed in the 1982 catalog as "Musician's Limited Series", but of the four strats listed there two are labelled THE REVIVAL (ST-80RB Ritchie Blackmore and ST-70J Jeff Beck) and two are labelled THE FUNCTION (ST-135VH Eddie Van Halen and ST-85DM Dave Murray).

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