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Ink Aging Approach Various methods have been published to measure aging processes that occur in ink on documents. Aginsky is the author of two ink aging methods that analyze ink volatile components (not ink dye components*) and that have been tested and applied to actual cases by multiple forensic laboratories.

These two ink aging methods are the Sequential Extraction Technique (SET) and Solvent Loss Ratio Method (SLRM).

Legacy binary Microsoft Office formats don't differentiate between document files that may and may not include macros.

In contrast, when the documents are saved using new XML-based file formats, introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, macros are only supported for file's extension that end with "m": For this note, I created a sample set of "malicious" Excel document files: (legacy binary format) and (current XML-based format).

Here's what it will look like from the victim's experience (the screen shot didn't capture the instance of Notepad, which would also be running): I took this proof-of-concept code from the example published on the Invisible Denizen blog.

You can download my sample files here; the password for the zip file is the word "infected."Let's say you need to analyze a potentially-malicious Microsoft Office document files like these.

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In my example, the relevant VB code is in the "This Workgroup" file: Sub Run_Cmd(command, visibility, wait_on_execute)Dim Wsh Shell As Variant Set Wsh Shell = Create Object("WScript. Run "%COMSPEC% /c " & command, visibility, wait_on_execute End Sub Sub Run_Program(program, arguments, visibility, wait_on_execute)Dim Wsh Shell As Variant Set Wsh Shell = Create Object("WScript. Run program & " " & arguments & " ", visibility, wait_on_execute End Sub Sub Workbook_Open()Const VISIBLE = 1, INVISIBLE = 0Const WAIT = True, NOWAIT = False Run_Cmd "ping", VISIBLE, WAITRun_Program "notepad.exe", "", VISIBLE, NOWAITEnd Sub The "info" option of Mal Office Scanner only works with legacy binary Microsoft Office files.

If you try to use it on "malware.xlsm", you'll get an error. XML-formatted versions of Microsoft Office files, which typically have extensions such as .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx, are actually zip-compressed archives that contain several files.

You can unpack the archive using tools such as unzip and Zip Reader (e.g., "unzip malware.xlsm").

In this case, the "vba Project.bin" file contains extracted VB macro code in a binary format.

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