Dating bottles by their tops and bases dating spots in kathmandu

Nobody seemed to collect tonic bottles much, so I just started collecting.I have 150 or 175 different ones and I know of over 400 that exist, ones embossed with the word tonic.Some bottle categories are sexier than others, like the bitters bottles and the earlier historical and pictorial flasks.

Most all of the glass producers in the West in the 19th century were in the San Francisco Bay Area, there wasn’t any up here in the northwest until the early 1900s.

My maternal grandfather and uncle got into bottles in about 1965 or ‘66 when I was in high school, and we started digging.

My uncle was in Arizona, near some of the old mining camps there. People had access with four-wheel drive vehicles and gas was cheap and time-off was more abundant.

By 1915, probably half the bottles were made by machines.

Machine-made bottles on average are worth much less and are much less interesting to collectors than are the earlier mouth-blown ones.

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