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“Not that I mind it’s so quiet at Main Stacks that I can actually hear myself think…” Another wrote: “These last two weeks for me have been about balance: figuring out when to do homework, when to go out with my friends, when to attend meetings and network.

The great thing about Berkeley is that you have the opportunity to do of these things.

However, it is a very short distance from downtown Boston.

Its campus is very visually appealing, unique, and quiet; it is a rural looking campus in a less busy part of Boston.

The school is not very racially diverse with a 70% white population, but Boston College is working on increasing its diversity rates among students and faculty. There were very few students of color and the voice of students of color was often silenced.

Boston College has its own police, multiple exercise facilities, dining halls, dorms, and extra-curricular opportunities. As as psychology and theology major, I found that my professors were involved in clinical practice and theological research, respectively, which enriched my educational experience. Being a student of color on this campus can be difficult; however, we were able to establish a community, which strengthened my ethnic identity.

UC Berkeley is dedicated to preventing and addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence on campus.

We believe in fostering a culture that prioritizes consent and respect, and responds to and supports survivors and their allies.

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Kearns Professor in Urban Education and Thomas More Brennan Chair. The employers in attendance seek Boston College undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni for positions, ranging from summer opportunities to full-time employment and including teaching and non-teaching jobs as well as teaching jobs that do not require certification. The Endowed Chairs Colloquium Series will feature Professor Janet Helms, Augustus Long Professor.

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