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Over the next few decades, the business went on to survive a number of challenges including two world wars, difficulties in obtaining materials for production, and changes in international politics.

In fact, during communist rule in Hungary, the Zsolnay plant was renamed the Pécs Porcelain Factory and became part of a state conglomerate turning out industrial products, according to information shared on

Vases and other decorative ware were also made in those older days, but many tend to be of rather regular shapes.

The factory also established a reputation for producing beautiful weather-resistant architectural tiles.

For the millennium celebration of the Hungarian Kingdom, the factory introduced what many consider to be its most beautiful pieces which incorporated its exclusive Eosin glazing technique (see example at right and read more below).

In honor of his decorative arts achievements, the Hungarian emperor awarded the Franz Joseph Order to Vilmos Zsolnay, and the city of Pécs gave him the title of Honorary Town Citizen.

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