Dating antique winchester cartridge boxes

Remington & Sons, the famous arms company in Ilion, New York. 1920, and eventually shortened to Remington Arms Company, Inc. Therefore, these packets that bear the Union Metallic Cartridge Company logo, at the very least, predate that first merger in 1911.Marcellus Hartley Dodge, the grandson of Marcellus Hartley of SH&G, merged the Remington and UMC for marketing purposes in 1912, creating Remington-UMC. Ranging from rare, to scarce, to some that are relatively common, these are all solid specimens that while showing various degrees of wear and age are remarkable in that they have survived at all, and they will be a nice addition to your collection to display with your firearm. Click for more info Factory Original in beautiful condition. Click for more info Western Bullseye/Target box pre WWII of 6.5 m/m Mannlicher-Schoenauer with 19 original cartridges. Click for more info A fine antique cartridge box from the Peters Cartridge Co. The box is full of its 20 original factory loaded cartridges. Click for more info 3 full boxes of the Remington 32 S&W 88 Grain Round Nose Lead cartridges, new factory ammo. Great for the older S&W top break revolvers, Iver Johnson or ...The box has been opened, however the exterior wrapper is still mostly intact.The top label is complete and legible, showing very minor wear and still retaining the bright label coloring. The box is very solid and retains its shape with sharp edges.The box has been opened and is empty, however the exterior wrapper is still mostly intact.

1 is the 139 grain loading and the other is the 154 grain loading. Click for more info This is a full box of original shells. These were produced for the Winchester model 36 single shot shotgun. Description: VINTAGE FULL BOX OF WESTERN SUPER-X 250 SAVAGE (20) CENTERFIRE CARTRID ...

The seals where the seals were cut to open the box show slight loss. This box is in fine condition with both end tabs intact. Click for more info 5 boxes of 348 wcf ammunition, 4 full boxes and 1 box with 19 rounds.

Click for more info This is a full box of original shells. Click for more info 4 boxes of 38-55 ammo, 2 boxes of Black Hills 255 grain FNL and 2 boxes of Winchester 255 grain factory original cartridges..have a little light corrosion on the outside of the cas ...

Click for more info This Is a full still sealed Box of 22 Longs. Click for more info REDUCED FOR VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY. Click for more info 2 full boxes of factory original 257 Roberts cartridges. ~ BRAND NEW ~ OLD STOCK TWO (2) BOXES LEFT of 20 rounds each of Winchester Black Talon, 180 grain DP load (deep penetrator) collectible and great defensive ro ...

The red seals have descriptions printed on them, however, the ... Click for more info FOR SALE: WINCHESTER BLACK TALON 357 MAG.

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