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As it was suggested before, the benefit to her is that she is fine with his cheating.So he gets all the pluses of having a GF and gets to have sex with other women as well.

looking for a filipina wife latin for single: how do i get my birth certificate online pilipina beauty looking for a filipina wife philippine cute girls?Maybe she's not as attractive as some of the other girls but she also probably doesn't have the big ego that the attractive girls carry around.I'm in a similar situation where everybody says the girl im seeing is not my type and I can do a lot better but she does everything that all the other attractive girl don't do, we don't have any drama we don't fight everything is smooth sailing I can trust her with money I can trust her with the credit card I can trust you with my car I can trust her with pretty much anything. You still wanted him even though you knew he was a cheater and hitting on you. And he's the one that's cheating and you're wondering WHY HE IS STAYING? It's all part of accumulating women and being able to keep having variety sex.She's not attractive, but might have the personality, but he still cheats. From what you do know you're aware that he doesn't respect people or their feelings.I have the personality I'm relatively attractive, but he's no where interested. Unless you're suffering with low self-esteem yourself I wouldn't waste one precious moment more wondering about what makes him tick.

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