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Prostheses during this period were generally made of iron, steel, copper and wood.In 1508, German mercenary Gotz von Berlichingen had a pair of technologically advanced iron hands made after he lost his right arm in the Battle of Landshut.Another story surfaced about a silver arm that was made for Admiral Barbarossa, who fought the Spaniards in Bougie, Algeria, for a Turkish sultan.French Army barber/surgeon Ambroise Paré is considered by many to be the father of modern amputation surgery and prosthetic design.The evolution of prosthetics is a long and storied history, from its primitive beginnings to its sophisticated present, to the exciting visions of the future.

However, scientists recently discovered what is said to be the world’s first prosthetic toe from an Egyptian mummy and it appears to have been functional. Most prostheses of the time were made to hide deformities or injuries sustained in battle.

His work showed the first true understanding of how a prosthesis should function.

A colleague of Paré’s, Lorrain, a French locksmith, offered one of the most important contributions to the field when he used leather, paper and glue in place of heavy iron in making a prosthesis.

The Renaissance ushered in new perspectives of art, philosophy, science and medicine.

By returning to the medical discoveries of the Greeks and Romans concerning prosthetics, the Renaissance proved to be a rebirth in the history of prosthetics.

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The long and winding road to the computerized leg began about 1500 B. But to appreciate how far the prosthetics field has come, we must first look to the ancient Egyptians.

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