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We don't know what will happen when the trio meet, but we know something will.

" Thankfully, the "Previously on Dirk Gently..." at the beginning of each episode will clarify last week's episode for you.

The show was shot almost entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia. For instance, Todd's apartment and all the scenes surrounding it were filmed on the corner of Guelph and Broadway in the late summer of 2016.

See more » It has been a long time since I read Douglas Adams' DGHDA so I cannot say if the character is faithful to the books, but my memory says not...

I love to laugh and spend time with a special someone.

I do not smoke or use drugs, and I do occasionally have a drink. I love going to the movies, out to eat and anything that has me outdoors........

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Amanda Brotzman, played by Hannah Marks, is a likable character, who too plumbs depths she didn't know she had and comes up with a few surprises.

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  1. Putih, amat putih malah, bersih dan lembut mulus pula walaupun memakai pakaian tertutup tapi saya sedikit melihat pinggang dan bokongnya yang putih dan mulus itu….. Dari ngobrol itulah kutahu bahwa dia seorang ibu dengan tiga anak.