Dating a stripper

Teasing his crotch with their long slender fingers, rubbing their tits on his face, wiggling their asses for him to spank, sucking his nipples like tasty popsicles; basically begging him to take them home and wear them out like the pair of socks on your feet. So figuring he had more women than he knew what to do with, I approached one of the women he was with, thinking I could steal her away... It turns out that not only was he pretty average looking, but he was also almost COMPLETELY broke!

Not only that, they seem to be considered as a trophy of sorts.

I've now successfully brought home 5 strippers to date (seriously! couldn't have done it without your book." "Excellent stuff! I'm 38 years old, slightly overweight and balding (hate it when I'm old! I read your information and I'm now dating a BABE of a dancer... My friends are now treating me like God and they want to know how I did it. I'm just an average guy, but I followed exactly what you taught in your book and she just kept taking the bait... To date, I've had sex with 9 of these super-hot babes without me spending a dime on lap dances, buying them gifts and all that bullshit nonsense to impress them at all. the less money these clubs rake in night after night).

Because this information is now available to the public, I am what can only be considered a MARKED MAN. The Pimp-Meister has pioneered these techniques himself and has never shared them with anyone... Remember you get a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied in every way possible with this amazing information.

The catch, however, is that no matter how impressive the idea of dating a stripper is, the reality is that not many people see it as a normal occurrence – or even respectable.

The worst assumptions about what it’s like to date a stripper We looked into what people had to say on Reddit about their personal experiences, and we had no idea that there was a full spectrum of opinions on the subject.

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