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You can explore some other options like treating any allergies you might have, using an air filter in your bedroom, humidifying the room better, sleep with lots of pillows so you are almost sitting up, having nose or throat surgery or getting a tracheostomy, sometimes just getting more exercise helps, or loosing weight. I've dated someone who had the tracheostomy, and another who used a machine and that wasn't a problem for me. Some people are light sleepers and need a quiet room to sleep in. If someone is a light sleeper or has insomnia, this person might have a big problem with loud snoring. But then be sure to pay more attention to them in other ways to show affection during the day.

I found that I became a light sleeper after my children were born... Snoring in general is not very attractive, but if you love someone it can be gotten used to.

I was just wondering ,, I know for me it doesn't since I do snore, ,, I would love to others input on this,,, Oh geez.. I also tend to sleep like the dead when I do sleep, so it wont be keeping me awake. If you both snore, then perhaps its not as much of a problem.

If you have sleep apnea and it isn't being effectively treated, you can have serious health problems from this, not to mention it is scary to listen to someone stop breathing many times a night.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I would be happy to have a certain person snoring away next to me.

In the same article, psychoanalyst and author of Loving Him and Losing Yourself, Beverly Engle explained why we women sacrifice so much of ourselves.

“Women, as it turns out, are also biologically hardwired to value connection over confrontation in relationships.

If you have a way to sleep in separate bedrooms and only get together in bed for physical affection, then this might work.

There are other treatments for snoring than just using a machine.

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