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But what about when guests are active, or when the sun goes down and the disco ball starts turning?

At Caliente Club, guests are free to dress how theyd like for sports like tennis or volleyball and can be found wearing anything from lingerie to sheer dresses to casual shirts and shorts to the nightclub.

Reality: While this age group is infamous for being attracted to the nudist lifestyle, theyre certainly not the only ones baring it all these days.

Owner Elizabeth Young says, Unlike some places, requiring nudity in and around the pool puts everyone on the same level and there is no judgment.We’ve covered a wide variety of luxury travel over the years—million dollar tours of India, women’s solo travel destinations, and extravagant private jet tours around the world; but we have yet to explore another popular way to stay: in the nude.As someone who didn’t know much/anything about nudism, nudist travel or nudist resorts, I set out to dispel, or confirm, my own, and perhaps society’s, common perceptions about these places and the people that frequent them.To assist in my quest for the naked truth, I approached representatives from three luxurious clothing optional resorts Media and PR Director of Caliente Resorts, Deb Bowen; Owner of Desert Sun Resort, Elizabeth Young; and Niche Project Manager for Karisma Hotels & Resorts (Hidden Beach is the clothing optional property) Alejandro Perezas well as Ray Aldag, a professor in the management and human resources department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who has over 30 years of experience in teaching and conducting research in such subjects as decision making, organizational behavior and culture, group decision processes, and motivation.Although he is not an expert in motivation for participating in nudism specifically, he does know a thing or two about the way people behave and learn.

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