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The Colostomy Association is a UK charity that provides support, reassurance and practical advice to anyone who has or is about to have stoma surgery.

We believe that everyone with a colostomy should be able to live a full and active life.

Fundamentally, it is demoralizing to lose control over voluntary bodily functions you’ve taken for granted since potty training, but then, it’s demoralizing to get to the checkout counter and have your card declined –- just on a different scale.

Ultimately, neither event kills you and –- added bonus -– if you’re on the dating scene there is nothing more compelling than a hot, confident woman who is utterly unique because she has a secret soft spot and lifelong injury.

People go wild when you’re fucking like monkeys and the girl starts gushing.But I know the alternative -– I remember the physical weakness, pain, starvation and misery of being without an ostomy.I have bad days, I have days of insecurity and frustration, but honestly, being a woman is a harder gig than being an ostomate. He went to stroke my face (so lovely), and I wondered where he’d gotten the chocolate on his fingers and why he hadn’t shared.I turned my face to take a lick and realized, before tasting, that it wasn’t chocolate at all.

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