College freshman dating tips dating in cambridge uk

Considering the fact I used to pay over a month for limited texting and no data…this is a killer deal.

They also offer a wide variety of affordable smart phones – for instance, this Alcatel Evolve 2 was less than , and it’s a great little smart phone.

We all bought similar types of foods, and it became easy to mix up which carton of milk belong to which person.If you are a high school senior (or the parent of one), you’ve probably been anxiously watching your mail or email for notification of admission to different universities.My little brother just found out he got accepted to the school he’s wanted to go to his whole life, and our whole family is so excited! However, it’s also a great time to start prepping for college.When I started college, no one else in my family had a cell phone, so it was up to me to pay for it if I wanted one (which actually had been the case since I got it when I was 16.) Back then, there weren’t a lot of affordable options. However, I was always glad to have my smart phone for looking things up when I didn’t have my laptop, and it was nice to have a convenient number to give people.Fortunately, the cell phone plan world has come along way since then, and there are many affordable plans for individual lines. When Forrest started college, he didn’t have one, and he always felt weird having to give his apartment landline…since he wasn’t even there that often.

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