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He made my dreams come true and actually told me I was as talented as Mozart (I know, what a great line).

I think he had a girlfriend at the time, but I was so enthralled with him I hardly even noticed.

I picked up a cool instrument, the "keytar," which is a combination of a keyboard and a guitar.

I loved being part of something—it was as if I finally belonged somewhere.

Growing up I'd always been extremely awkward and shy.

Sometimes I'd go a week in school without saying a word.

So I put on a tight dress, fake eyelashes, a bright orange spray-tan, and neon lipstick. I started playing piano at age four and took lessons for over ten years. It was the only time I felt like people paid any attention to me. I would practice all day long, until my parents would make me go to bed. He got ripped off for thousands of dollars when producers promised him they could get me a recording contract, and I felt enormously guilty that he was put in that position because of me.

Gabe is often creepy, crazy, mean, evil, psychotic, a cheater, a rapist etc etc, and I really don't know where that comes from, because he's really just a big sweet dork who loves putting on a show, does what he feels, takes nothing seriously and absolutely loves his friends and his fans.

Now, most people are going to say they were kidding, but I don't believe that Gabe is capable of being THAT serious about ANYTHING that isn't true, and Ryland, too. At the VMAs, Gabe interviewed William and near the end, William says, "I like playing Same Blood because you like Same Blood, so I play it and I think of you every time." which is really just adorable. I'm going to be amazed if you actually read this far, I really wanted to show WHY it's an awesome pairing.

I really do not know why this pairing doesn't get more love, with all the canon it has.

I experienced little to no success, sending demo tapes to anyone with a working mailing address, yet still so hopeful that I was right about myself and my talent.

I had finally given up and accepted that I'd be a cocktail waitress and/or shady foot fetish model when I bumped into a guy at a nightclub who said he was forming a band and asked if I'd be interested in joining."Yes! " I said too quickly, not looking very cool at all."Great, we rehearse Monday in Jersey City."I forced myself to go to every single rehearsal, and worked 12 hours a day learning the songs he wanted me to play.

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