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Aimed at getting us all to think about how we share the Gospel with others, Birth of a Salesman is a great way to turn all of us into better "salesmen" of the Good News. Then, one by one, the villagers show up, ready to go to the harvest. It encourages us to recognize that the fields are ready for harvest, just as Jesus said in John .

Range of topics covered: Guilt, loving one another, barriers to faith, devil in disguise, patience, armor of God, giving, thankfulness, and more.SYNOPSIS: Lisa is your typical Children’s Ministry staff person. The Pastor enters to sum up the spiritual realities, and everyone goes out for coffee. or in this case, of a Children’s Ministry staff person. The only difference may be in how you give credit for who wrote the skit. If the changes you make are minor (adding a few lines, adding or subtracting a few characters, etc) then, as always, please just make a note in your printed program of the skit's author and its copyright date. If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page You can also Contact us to let us know how your production went!She is having a typical day, except that things aren’t going well. Finally, when alone, she prays and asks God to help encourage her… This 5-7 minute skit for adults to do is a great tribute to the way our church workers go about dealing with the day to day difficulties which arise in their ministries. Let's say that you are interested in doing one of these church skits, but have a question as to whether or not you may change a few lines or add a character or two to help accommodate the needs of your group. However, if you make MAJOR CHANGES (adding or deleting a scene, adding a lot of new jokes, or changing the overall message of the skit) then please note in your printed program that the skit is "Based on the Original Skit by..." and give the author's name and the copyright date. I hope that everything goes well with your performance! This is an easy skit to translate into other languages, and please feel free to do so.Synopsis: A man enters a store named Cover 2 Cover and finds it to be anything but ordinary!

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Even at the Christian stores it seems like I don't quite find what I'm looking for. There really aren’t a lot of resources on the web for Sunday School or Youth. Everyone gets the idea that you need a ticket to get on board a train. Newman learns from Elderberry that the tickets are priceless, but they are given away freely; that they are for everyone, but not everyone will accept them; and that Jesus paid the price for all of our tickets at Calvary. The two main actors (Frank and Donny D) have all the lines, but any number of other children may be included as they portray the crowd around them.

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