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This was the art of inculturation which still continues and Hinduism being its biggest target.

When India came under the British Empire the native Indians had to be colonised and made subservient to that empire.

It is measured by more than test scores, grades, and degrees; it's also measured in relationships, life lessons, and personal growth.

Coming to the university setting is all about developing the whole person.

CBU offers events all year round that inspire, interest, and challenge you." "I wanted to experience life on my own at a small school.

Our student body is full of diverse cultures, faiths, and interests.

The University welcomes students into an educational community of faith and service that is committed to academic excellence.

Samuel Green as great champions of Tamil and magnificent contributors to its development, including the introduction of “prose” writing.

Of these, Francis Whyte Ellis or ‘Ellis Durai’ in Tamil, was a Madras-based civil servant in the British government and Samuel Green a doctor in Sri Lanka; both supported missionaries in evangelical causes. Meenakshisundaram termed the era of these evangelists as the “Golden Period” of Tamil in his book, , originally presented as the author’s thesis at the University of Madras, 1966.

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I try to do a lot, and I think that's what they encourage here at CBU.

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